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Flashflight Hole-in-One golf discWhat is the best way to light up a golf disc?
Put a Hole in the center and add a Flashflight brand light module!

How is the Hole-In-One illuminated?
The Hole-In-One is illuminated by a single white LED, which is powered by two 2016 3V coin cell batteries.

How is the Hole-In-One attached?
The Hole-In-One attaches to any disc thanks to pure ingenuity and super-strong plastic. Really, itís the design that makes this work. You choose the disc, you get the hammer, and you place the light module in the center of the disc, all by yourself. Itís quite simple. Visit our Attachment 101 page for instructions and illustrations.

What kind of batteries will I need?
Youíll need two 2016 3V coin cell batteries.

How do I change the batteries?
Itís quite simple. Visit our Battery Replacement 101 page for instructions and illustrations.

How long will my disc stay lit?
A fresh set of batteries will yield approximately 25 hours of light-up fun.

What kind of disc do you recommend lighting up?
We recommend attaching Hole-In-One light modules to translucent discs, as these allow for more light absorption and therefore better visibility at a distance.

Will the Hole-In-One affect my discís flight path?
Very, very minimally as one would expect Ė you must get the hole in the center (and this is easy to accomplish). In test after test on disc after disc, both with and without the light module, the Hole-In-One adds 10grams of weight which causes the disc to fly farther with very minimal change in the helix flight.

How much weight will the Hole-In-One add to my disc?
The Hole-In-One weighs 10g.

Can my Hole-In-One get wet?
Definitely! All of our products are water-resistant. However, because they are not water PROOF, you might need to give them a little TLC after they come out of the water/rain/snow. All you need to do is pop off the battery cap, remove the LED/battery holder, dry off the batteries and LED wires, and let everything air dry. Beware: salt water corrodes the little batteries Ö so this TLC is especially important if you want to prolong the life of your fun toy.

How far away will I be able to see my light-up disc?
The Hole-In-One is visible up to 300 yards away, so huck with all your might Ė you wonít lose sight!

Is my Hole-In-One transferable?
Absolutely, but we donít recommend trying to take your Hole-In-One off your disc too many times, so please consider your new light-up golf disc a permanent addition to your selection of discs.

Why didnít you just invent a Flashflight light-up golf disc?
Well, we know how loyal you disc golfers are to your particular brand of discs, style, weight... Ė we understand and respect those details. So, instead of creating another light-up golf disc, we decided to let you light up your very own favorite. Itís a win-win situation: you get to choose the discs, and you get the best possible, highest-quality lighting solution.

What else is the Hole-In-One good for?
When itís attached to a disc, you can hang it on the wall for some fun mood lighting. On its own, the Hole-In-One makes a great night light (keep one in your glove box!) as well as a purse or disc bag light. Hole-In-Ones also make great party favors Ė drop one in your drink for an instant conversation starter.
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