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Lighting and Games

Flashflight Hole-in-One discs dropping in the basketWe've been creating lighted products for 5 years now and have some pretty groovy ideas on how to "DIY" (do it yourself). The Flashflight Hole-In-One is a great alternative to lighting your golf disc. We at Flashflight have several games to play with our line of Flashflight discs. Some of these games you would not want to play with a golf disc. But as a disc enthusiast we offer these fun alternatives.

Safety First... Know your playing area!!!

First and foremost you have to know what the field conditions are before you just go lumbering out for a blind run in the park, field or open space. Play in a location where you know that there are no holes, fences, sprinkler heads or unmarked obstacles that are going to seriously injure yourself or another.

The Basics - Throw and Catch

A good round of throw and catch in the evening is an awesome way to wind down. - The darker the field or open space location the better in our opinion. Anywhere at night will do but the less light pollution from your surroundings, the more enjoyable and bright the Flashflight will show up.

Use our Taillight. These little "halo" of lights are built to see who you are throwing to. They cast a very small ring of light so you can see where the person is without effecting your vision.


[1] - Use our Taillights with zip-ties and stretch the Taillight down the rods you use for wickets with the light source at the top. The cup goes over the light source and glows great. Leave an inch at the top so you can pound the wicket in the ground without damaging the Taillight.

[2] - Play on.

Disc Croquet - Requires some additional parts...

[1] - We used 1/2" PVC pipe, 5'-6' lengths. Lightly heat the middle three feet with a blow torch. Do not melt, simply heat so you can bend the PVC around a trash can to create a horseshoe shaped croquet wicket.

[2] - Use the Taillight and zip-tie method as mentioned in Frickets to stretch along the PVC. We used two Taillights per wicket with the light source 6" from the bottom of each side of the wicket. Cut, shave a tapered end on both sides so you can press the ends into the grass. Do this to 9 wickets. We used red Taillights for the wickets because the battery life is much longer.

[3] - Lay out a typical croquet field but stretch it to 60-70-80 yards.

[4] - Croquet rules apply. Use rollers if you want. If your disc rolls over another disc, you either send them (leaving your disc where it stopped) or go back to where you rolled over them and take your free throw.

Back Roads Disc Golf

[1] - You are going to trash your disc if you take our suggestions. We've got road discs and grass discs, use the road disc. If you play in the street, there are cars. Watch out for cars!

[2] - We play on the back roads NOT the main streets. We choose the hole by looking far down the street and selecting something around a street light; like a fire hydrant, for sale sign or the light post itself.

[3] - Use the road as your fairway and try to stay on the road.

[4] - Be quiet. If you are really loud and it's late, someone is going to call the authorities and your game will get cut short.

[5] - We shouldn't have to say this but we know some of our audience. Keep any open containers concealed.
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