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Flashflight Hole-in-One Distance & Accuracy Challenge

Flashflight Hole-in-One golf discWe love a challenge. And you probably do, too. So we challenge you to light up your favorite disc and use it to huck with all your might, putt with a little finesse, and tell us about it in glorious detail.

The Flashflight Hole-In-One Distance and Accuracy Challenge is a fun way to light up the skies AND compare your throws with those of other enthusiasts around the world. Simply light your disc, throw, measure, register, and report your results.

Our goal here is to generate some light-hearted competition for those of us who enjoy throwing after dark. In addition, we aim to max out on the Fun Meter with lighted accessories (e.g., lighted targets and kits to light up golf baskets, etc.) to spice up your night game. Please visit our Lighting and Games (link) page for suggestions on how to play in the dark. - And tell your local tournament director about this program to get more game involvment around local disc golf events.
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